The Morning After With Lara & Nikki

Start your day with Lara & Nikki on The Morning After!

Lara Thomas is from Nebraska, born and raised, and a self-professed “Crazy Cat Lady”. Her son is all grown-up; so, Lara suffers from empty-nest syndrome. She’s constantly looking for new stuff to do. Lately, she’s taken up mountain biking, karaoke, needle point, learning Japanese, bungee jumping, spelunking, and interpretive dance. If you have any suggestions for fun new adventures, I’m sure she will be willing to try it once.



Nikki's a divorced mom of a 15 year old daughter who tests her patience on a daily basis...but she wouldn't have it any other way!   Her dream is to be the driver that "moves that bus!" for Ty Pennington on Extreme Makeover Home Edition and to star in her own reality show...maybe about a radio station...kinda like another WKRP!


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